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Summer Vixen
19 January
My journal is set to friends-only. Expect thoughts, rants, and maybe a little TMI. ^.^

Summer Vixen's Furry Code: FCF4 A- C>+ D>++ H+++ M- P++>+++ R T W- Z Sf# RLU a- cmn d e* f++++ h++>++++ i+ j+ p+ sf#

At right: Summer Vixen gearing up for the Critterlympics, at Further Confusion 2006 in San Jose, California.
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Note: This is a character journal, that is, it's designed to express the world through Summer Vixen's point of view. Also, if you choose to contact Summer using the yahoo ID above, she will be in character, and will act as such.

Please do not assume that anything from either of the above sources is necessarily what her player, Autumnfox, thinks or feels. If there's any uncertainty in this regard, please feel free to contact her player about it privately. (Her journal is linked, below.)

Also, please note that Summer rarely replies to other journals. This is primarily to keep her character separate from her player. Autumnfox would rather reply as herself to your journal, so please add her to your journal if you are looking for her commentary.

Summer Vixen is ©2006 userinfofoxymoonheart (Autumnfox)
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